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New Day Films is a filmmaker-run distribution company, providing social issue documentaries to educators since 1971.


Three people stand on a stage holding gold Oscar statues. New Day co-founder Julia Reichert is in the middle and is smiling with her eyes shut. She is bald and wears glasses. On her right is co-director Steven Bognar, who is also bald and wears glasses. On her left is producer Jeff Reichert who has short dark hair and a beard, and wears glasses. The two men kiss Julia on either cheek.  

New Day Co-Founder Wins an Oscar!

We are thrilled to congratulate Julia Reichert, the co-founder of New Day Films, on her momentous Academy Award win for the film American Factory with Steve Bognar.
A headshot of New Day Filmmaker Mike Mascoll, a bald African-American man with a grey goatee. He looks directly at the camera and smiles.

Every Month Should be Black History Month

This February as we celebrate Black History Month, New Day is proud to feature three Black filmmakers whose works have helped to document invaluable chapters in Black history.
A full auditorium of people sitting in folding chairs. They watch "My Brooklyn."

10 Ways New Day Changed the World in 2019

by Isabel Hill Schools, libraries, community organizations, and government agencies use New Day films every day to expand awareness on important, relevant issues. New Day films continue to be catalysts
White man with curly brown hair and a grey beard looks at camera with small smile. He is wearing big headphones and is holding a video camera.

Meet New Day

by Robbie Leppzer Robbie Leppzer From the environmental protests of the 1970s, to the growing global peace, social justice and environmental movements of the new millennium, I have been documenting
Meet New Day

Meet New Day

Willow O'Feral's film Break the Silence is an intersectional, inclusive portrait of 18 women's lived experiences in regards to sexual and reproductive health.
Commemorative Months

Commemorative Months

November is both Native American/Alaska Native Heritage Month and Trans Day of Remembrance. Visit our New Day Collections to learn more.
Reimagining Justice

Reimagining Justice

New Day’s catalogue of criminal justice titles invite and inspire viewers to reimagine justice.