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New Day at the National Media Market!

by Laurel Chiten

We have officially transformed our suite at the 2015 National Media Market in Albuquerque, New Mexico into a New Day show room!

NMM blog post Laurel
New Day in the house at NMM

Come find myself and Alice Bouvrie in Room 324, where we’ve got catalogues, DVDs, and two screening monitors waiting for you. Many of the other booths have Hershey’s Kisses or M&M’s. As New Days Films is not one to follow the beaten path, we decided to step it up a bit and serve our visitors some local fare: chocolate infused red wine (Black Mesa) from a Santa Fe vineyard and fudge laced with pinions. First come, first serve!

In the afternoon we attended Media Mania, a forum where exhibitors briefly present their collection. Kanopy a rising star in the world of streaming service and New Day’s newest partner, spoke first, helping to set the stage for our presentation. I talked about what makes us unique — a group of independent filmmakers who are deeply passionate about our work and equally passionate about reaching our audiences.
Then onward to screening the impressive composite promo clip of the new releases created by Karen Skloss. One man sitting in front of us winced in response to the clip from The Land, a short documentary about an experimental adventure playground where children learn to manage risks such as fire and sharp objects on their own. There were sighs and laughter followed by an enthusiastic applause, making us very proud to represent New Day!
Now the real media market begins. Please feel free to drop by and see us. We’d love to chat with you in person!

New Day Films is now on Kanopy!

logoNew Day Films is proud to announce our partnership with the Kanopy streaming service. Through this collaboration, students and faculty at more than 800 universities and colleges worldwide are already streaming all or part of New Day’s collection, and the list continues to grow.

“We are incredibly excited about this partnership because it will extend the reach of our collection, which has been a trusted resource for educators across a wide range of subject areas for over four decades,” said New Day Co-Chairs Leo Chiang and Kelly Anderson. “We are particularly enthusiastic about Kanopy’s innovative Patron-Driven-Acquisition (PDA) program, which allows institutions to make licensing decisions based on what students and faculty are actively watching.”

Kanopy augments our existing streaming platform, New Day Digital, which continues to provide a variety of digital streaming licenses for New Day titles. New Day and Kanopy will be at the National Media Market together and look forward to talking with librarians and educators about our new partnership and streaming our films on your campus.

To browse the New Day Collection on Kanopy, visit https://www.kanopystreaming.com/category/supplier/new-day-films. For more info about New Day Digital, visit newdaydigital.com. Information about New Day can be found at www.newday.com.

National Media Market: DVD Winner

Bob leaning against car
The Self-Made Man

Elise Vidal from Thomas Branigan Memorial Library in Las Cruces, New Mexico won the drawing of a free title from New Day at the National Media Market in Charleston in November.  She selected Susan Stern‘s film, The Self-Made Man.  The poignant documentary explores the “right-to-die” issue through the story of the filmmaker’s father. Congrats to Elise, and congrats to Susan!